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Guiding You toward a New, Scientifically Secular yet Spiritually Mystical
World View

My background in psychological mythology led me on an unexpected journey. In seeking to validate the mythic world view as a metaphor for hidden aspects of reality, I discovered surprising correlations between spiritual symbolism and the recent science of complex systems.  My present work is to help you explore how these two seemingly unrelated fields of knowledge, myth and science, have converged as representations of reality. In understanding this astonishing new correlation we confront a seemingly 'magical' aspect of reality which we moderns have regarded as delusion--the purposeful agency that generates and sustains the biosphere.

To that end I have created several websites to make the related concepts more generally accessible. In addition, I offer presentations that can focus their implications more specifically on particular concerns, from secular spirituality to political psychology, the role of the arts in understanding Nature, and the cultural crisis of catastrophic climate change.

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Leslie Emery, PhD
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