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Agents Interact                                                               Sub-systems Synchronize                                                   Networks Self-Organize

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Explore the unexpected convergence of Science, Myth, and Spirituality

Recent science reveals how networks of feedback self-organize and direct the behaviors of systems--from cells to cities.  Order arises in these systems  in unpredictable yet purposeful ways.  These facts of how the world creates and directs itself are profoundly strange to our mechanistic modern world view. The sequence of web pages listed below provides a brief introduction to the profound implications of this recent science.

The basic concepts of recent science on self-organizing systems that reveal a "self-animating" impulse in Nature.

The implications for a scientifically derived concept of naturalistic spirituality arising from systems science.

How a science-based naturalistic spirituality both re-invents a sacred status of reality and thereby restores aspects of the traditional one.

How our modern cultural worldview must change to acknowledge and incorporate this radical new scientific reality.

How mythic symbolism of spiritual agents represents the network agency of systems science.

Exploring mythic symbolism as useful metaphors for understanding a world ordered by self-directing system networks.

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