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Using the 'Two Minds' in our One Brain
To Inhabit the 'Spiritually Material' World

Revealed by Systems Science

Two Hemispheric Minds, Two 'Ways Things Happen,' and a Numinous Sense of the Sacred

  • evolution of animal agency involved bi-lateralization of brain to provide two contrary ways of attending

  • The left hemisphere's localized, exclusive 'point focused' and the right hemisphere's global, inclusive, field awareness

  • The left mode facilitates practical grasping and manipulation of things

  • The right mode tracks the broader field of a larger environment and enables animals to identify what is alive

  • Though contradictory, these must operate both independently and cooperatively

  • Human adaptation through technological means elaborated these 'cognitive attitudes'

  • The left enables us to think in reductive abstractions, to 'see parts,' and understand predictable causality

  • The right to understand interdependent relationships, perceive agency, experience empathy

  • Thus the right allows us to conceive 'spiritual agency' and represent it through metaphoric symbolism

  • We require both modes but the right is essential to appreciating the autonomous agency of complex adaptive systems

  • By giving us a numinous experience of 'spiritual agency' and the means to symbolize its role in reality

The Role of Culture in Correlating Our Right and Left Hemispheric Versions of Reality

The Scientific Necessity of Right Hemisphere Cultural Bias

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LH excludes, separates, and sequences, RH includes, groups, constellates. One-ness vs. Many-ness.

Spiritual practice as foregrounding right hemisiphere network perspective and its awareness of agency.


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